As on my new job, the company is using Macs, I also started to like OSX. While having a running ESXi System, I was thinking, let’s give it a try and run OSX on that ESXi Host.

First attempts I made earlier failed. But now there’s a way of running OSX on an ESXi System. So no need for expensive Mac Hardware.

Basically I just followed the following how-to:

First you have to unlock ESXi.

Don’t run the script on / of your ESXi, put it on a datastore and create a subdirectory to run the script from.

/vmfs/volumes/53933420-69b2bfd4-ec27-0015178cc528/ISO/unlock-all-v130/esxi #

If you already running Yosemite, then simply download OSX 10.10 from the appstore. To convert the download into an ISO, I used the following link

To be able to change display resolution, with the VMWare Tools from 5.5 it doesn’t work. Download and install